Warehouse Management System StoreIT

Implementation within 3 months from signing of contract
Control of transports with route optimization
Cost effective solution
Platform independent system
Multi-tenant system with the option of billing storage fees and services
Minimization of the investment volume through the option of a cloud rental license

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General Features of StoreIT

WEB based user interface
Mobile apps for handheld and forklift terminals
Full functionality for different owners or tenants for warehouse areas,
including invoicing of the service costs
Platform independence: different operating systems (Linux, Windows) and databases (My SQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, ORACLE, etc.); The mobile app runs on Android and Windows (forklift terminal).
Types of storage bins
Warehouse structure: storage locations, storage areas, storage zones and storage bins
Definition of the shelf configuration
Automatic generation of storage bins
Graphic stock schema
Definition of the transport routes
Master Data
Item groups
Bills of material and sets
Partners (customers, suppliers)
Shipping methods
Types of loading units
Types of transport means
Transport means
Units of measure
Prices, discounts and pricing
Payment Methods
Stock Management
Loading units (LU): stacking on top of one another is possible
Stocks: storage with or without LU
Batch management: internal and external batches; production and best before date; quality assurance;
LU handling functions: label printing; relocation via mobile app; repacking via mobile app; LU info via mobile app;
Replenishment: replenishment orders; replenishment transfer via mobile app;
Stocktaking: creation; counting via mobile app; evaluation, control, verification;
Management of empties accounts for customers and suppliers
Transport Management
Creation of multi-level transports
Handling of transports: via interfaces to automatic warehouse structures; via mobile app (forklift terminal / handheld app);
Optimization of the transport routes
Minimization of empty trips
Notification of delivery
Delivery calendar
Incoming goods inspection
Set up of loading units
Goods allocation
Sales orders and disposition
Picking orders
Packing station
Shipping order and loading with a mobile app
Man to the goods
Goods to the man
Single order
Multi-order with batch formation using cluster algorithm
Zone picking with consolidation
Pick by voice
Pick by Light
Bills of material
Production lines
Production orders: automatic calculation of components; multi-level production orders
Production planning
Packing place for finished goods
Consumption of components
System Administration
Function blocks
Technical Interfaces (Standard)
ERP integration (real-time via REST service): master data; purchase orders; sales orders; production orders; Stock comparison; Stocktaking;
Integration of automated warehouse structures
Pick by Light
Forktruck interfaces

IFD Engineering Ltd offers consultancy, analysis of your business processes and adaptation of the WMS system StoreIT to your warehouse and business model. We would be happy to provide you with additional information.