860-960MHz UHF RFID Tag for non-metal surfaces  

This product is widely used in indoor asset management, inspection management, and tool management. With 10M long range and RFID usage for nonmetal surfaces is a sticker tag for warehouse management systems ( depending on the reader you order).  

70x20M ISO18000 6C Gen2 UHF RFID high temperature resistant metal tag 

This UHF PCB metal tag is widely used in indoor asset management, inspection management, and tool management. UHF RF4 PCB for non-metal surfaces RFID tags are designed and produced by special technology and process, for indoor and outdoor usage in harsh industrial environment. 

10*5MM small RFID UHF onmetal tag 

This PCB tag is supplied with an Alien Higgs 3 chip, which makes it quite durable even in environment where exposure to high temperature is involved. The tag is versatile and is designed to work well in a variety of environmental conditions. This tag can be fixed onto the metal asset using a permanent adhesive tape provided with the tag as an option or just mounted using a screw. It is widely used in precious metals management, e.g. bank asset management, data center asset management, IT asset management. 

UHF RFID Mini Tag 10*3MM 

This UHF RFID for non-metal surfaces tag has special application when placed on the side of the cylindrical metal objects. Its reading and writing performanceare in the range of about 1 meter for hand-held devices. It has many applications – for example: screwdriverstools and other products, fixed without adhesive glue. 


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