To tailor you the most detailed offer, please answer the following questionnaire: 

Questionnaire for WMS functions and processes –
1. Warehouse condition

2. ERP integration

2.1 Do you need integration with an existing system?

3. Warehouse structure

3.1 Automation
3.3 Rack types

4. Deliveries

4.1 Pre-ordered deliveries
4.2 Deliveries without pre-order
4.3 Repackaging during goods (creation of transport units with a singular item, moving to suitable transport units)
4.4 Transport unit types
4.5 Lot number registration
4.6 Batch number registration
4.7 Expiration date registration
4.8 Cross-Docking (transfer accepted directly for shipment without storage)

5. Quality control

5.1 In goods receipt are the quality indicators registered?
5.3 Is there any flag in the items in your ERP system which means mandatory quality control items?

6. Goods return

6.1 Do you need your WMS system to support goods return warehouse function?
6.2 Do you use a return reasons catalogue?
6.3 Control of the goods returned in WMS
6.4 Control of the goods returned in ERP

7. Storage

7.1 Automatic bin storage distribution
7.2 Adding goods to an existing transport unit
7.4 Pallet bins
7.5 Rack bins
7.7 Ground block bins (for items with big dimensions)
7.8 Bulk cargo warehouses
7.9 Liquid cargo warehouses
7.10 Storage by ABC item classification
8. Commissioning
8.1 Single Order Picking (one order at a time)
8.2 Multi Order Picking (a courple of orders at a time)
8.3 Human to goods
8.4 Goods to human
8.5 With a mobile terminal
8.6 Pick by Light
8.7 Pick by Voice

9. Packing and expedition

9.1 Do you have integration with expedition and other systems?
9.2 Count of the carton numbers
9.3 Packing order setting
9.4 Package list printing
9.5 Content control by weighing
9.6 Loading process control by mobile app

10. Stocktaking

10.1 Do you need an initial stocktaking?
10.2 Permanent stocktaking (in commisssioning)
10.3 Sample stocktaking

11. Extra functions

11.1 Invoicing of warehouse services
11.2 Dangerous goods management
11.3 Lots registration
11.4 Batch number registration
11.5 Expiration date registration
11.6 Consignment management
11.7 Automatic replenishment of stocks (in a picking-designated zone)
11.8 Stock consolidation
11.9 Package management (empty pallets etc.)
11.10 Production supply

12. Printing functions

12.1 Labels in goods receipt
12.2 Labels when goods export
12.3 Bill of goods
12.4 List of commissioning
12.5 Invoice

13. Loading parameters

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