RFID stationäre Leser

UHF 4 Port Channel Reader 

JT-928 is a 4-port EPC Class 1 Gen2 UHF RFID fixed reader. With cutting edge technology from the US, 928 has great inventory performance and tag reading rate. It can handle tags in motion, meanwhile successfully read massive amounts of tags, it is very durable with amazing reading speed. 

Long Range Fixed RFID Reader/Writer With 32 Antenna Ports 

JT-932 is a professional-grade, multi-channel, high-performance UHF electronic tag fixed reader based on the Impinj R2000 platform. With patented technology, the reader’s default working frequency band is 902MHz ~ 928MHz or 865-868mhz supports ISO18000-6C (EPC C1 GEN2) protocol. It features strong multi-tags recognition capability, long card reading distance, high durability and convenient installation and configuration. 

0-15MM Multi-tag R2000 UHF RFID Reader 

JT-9288 could be applied in various harsh working environments, it is multiple protocolcompatible and a very fast reader. Full support the tag of ISO-18000-6C or 6B is provided. Its stable reading distane is 15M (depening on the tag and environment) and it has a convenient shape. 

Enthernet/IP Desktop RFID Reader JT-8300

RFID Short range reader JT-8300 supports ISO18000-6C Gen2. It provides automatic reading and writing of tags. It is convenient for RFID reading and writing at customers’ site.